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Viktor Isildur1 Blom is Dominating the Virtual Felt

22/02/13 4:02 PM

Online poker Pro Viktor Blom is still relatively new to the sport, bursting on the scene in 2009. He is known as an incredibly aggressive and fearless player, and many other poker pros say that at times he plays with a careless and “donkey like” style. Whatever you say about Blom’s game, who plays under the name Isildur1 online, he is currently dominating the virtual felt, and it is difficult if not impossible to find anyone playing better high stakes online poker right now.

Only months after starting in 2009 he was beating big name online players and showing a profit, and while that trend has continued the last few years, his current winning streak is running hot even compared to his own past efforts. If it were not for controversial hand histories on Isildur1′s play obtained by Brian Hastings, Blom’s profits would be even more astronomical. Hastings used a detailed history of Blom’s play to win more than $4 million off of him in a single session. That lasted through the end of 2012, when his career Full Tilt losses hit $2.97 million.

It seems as if this is a case of 13 being a lucky number for the Swede, with 2013 seeing him dominate any and all takers to the online poker tables. As of this writing, is wins this year include $2.5 million in the first week of January alone. Add a $344,000 profit recently and Blom has taken down more than $3.1 million since early December of last year, a total which makes him the largest winner in the history of the “new” Full Tilt Poker.

However, the overall FTP experience in his career has Blom up “only” $222,000 dating back to 2009. But factor in the single session four million dollar loss to Hastings, and you can see that his FTP experience has been as strong as his recent overall online showing. At only 22 years of age, he is exceptionally younger than most high stakes poker pros online, and could easily play at a very high level for as long as his baffling style holds out.

In other online poker news recently, big-game specialist and poker pro Phil Ivey has continued his improved presence in the online game. After winning five gold bracelets at the 2012 WS0P and opening a poker training site called IveyPoker, he has begun a return to the high-stakes Full Tilt virtual tables, under a new name. Ivey currently plays under the name Polarizing, and since he currently stands as the all-time overall online poker winner with 19.24 million in profits, make sure you take notice not to sit down at a virtual table with the newly named Ivey.

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