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If you used to frequent a Usemybank poker room in the past and you have been Googling all over the web looking for one, you are probably more than a little frustrated. You see, the old Usemybank is now Usemyservices, and they offer two different payment solutions, Usemycard and Usemyfunds. When you used to employ Usemybank poker deposits, you can now choose from having money instantly debited from your personal banking account using Usemyfunds, or use the online prepaid Usemycard option.

Usemyservices works the same way as the old Usemybank poker deposits did. But you now have a choice to use a prepaid or instant money transfer option. Obviously, with the prepaid option, you can limit the amount of money loaded to the your virtual card and also provide a layer of insulation between your personal banking account and the poker rooms listed below. And the poker rooms accepting Usemybank in the past will still honor your old accounts if they are active. You just have more options now with the new Usemyfunds instant debit banking account feature.

The way that the old Usemybank poker room process worked in the past is exactly the same, with nothing changing except the company's name. If you choose the prepaid option, you simply head over to the company's website and fund a Usemycard prepaid account. You can use your banking account or major credit card to set up this safe and secure poker room funding option, and your money is immediately available for use anywhere online.

Poker rooms accepting Usemybank and Usemyservices deposit methods are few and far between, but we have scoured the entire online gambling community, and provide a list of the top ranked poker rooms which provide this secure account funding method. That list is located below, and if you take a peek, you will see that each poker room is listed by name, and then we reveal just exactly what welcome bonus deposit match you can expect when you sign up for an account there.

Next to that you will see a special Bonus Code that is specific to this website. In many cases we are able to use our industry contacts and reputation as a top poker room review site to get you special bonuses and player rewards. Those exclusive bonuses are available only through the special links provided below, but before you sign up, you should check out our extensive and in-depth reviews that can be found by clicking on the Review icons below. Usemybank poker room providers offer even more account funding opportunities now that the company is named Usemyservices, and the poker rooms listed below are the best that the online gambling community has to offer.

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