How To Avoid Tilting In Poker

Perhaps the single largest threat to your burgeoning grinder bankroll is going on tilt. I always tell people "if you can't handle a bad beat, then poker isn't the game for you".

For the uninformed, the definition of Tilt is as follows:

Tilt (noun) – losing your composure and laser focus on the winning portion of the game and making donk moves that are massive –EV

Tilt (verb) – look at that dumbass donk, he just went on massive tilt and donked off his last few grand Doing any of the above too often may result in Life Tilt (noun) – losing everything else. Dumbass.

Since many grinders treat online poker like a full time job, it is very important not to lose your composure at work. So let’s talk about how you can avoid going on tilt and conversely, stay away from the black cloud of Life Tilt. Read this article and print it out so that you can always have a quick reference guide in hand just in case. Trust me, even the best TG’s have gone on tilt before but every time you can avoid doing this you will more often than not keep money in your pocket and that’ a good thing!

Not Drinking On The Job Can Help Avoid Tilt

One of the easiest ways to guarantee going on tilt is by getting drunk while playing poker. While it's easy to accept the free booze most places offer when you're playing live poker, stick to water and coffee. No different than when you were in High School and that Boones Farm got you into that fight with Robbie Stewart over some random chick (screw you, Robbie!), the same can happen in a poker game. Avoid drinking if you want to avoid tilt and we won't need to have this conversation again. Got it? Good.

Avoid Going After Bad Beat Joe If You Don't Want To Tilt

Just because you lost a hand to some moron (bad beat joe) who called your overbet on the turn with his non-nut flush draw who hit on the river is no excuse to donk off chips. You may not realize it but you're on tilt right now son, you're mad at ONE GUY who made a bad move. If you played that same hand with him 100 times, you're going to win the majority of those hands. The numbers don't lie so just buck up and play solid poker. If you get into another hand with him, let him make the same mistake again! You'll get paid off sooner or later, especially if it's online poker. Just tag him using the appropriate right click (varies by site) and find him playing again later. If you can avoid getting a hard on for bad beat joe after he hands you the bad beat of the century, you will not succomb to the tilting ways of most losing players. Grinder's are better than that, sometimes we just need to remind ourselves though.

Leave Your Life Problems At The Door

Leaks are a common poker term for any hole or weakness in your game. For the purposes of this section, we're talking about personal issues (as leaks). So what if your significant other is mad at your for not cutting the grass, taking them out to dinner, cleaning your room, whatever. Let them be mad while they watch Days of our Lives and steam, you go play some poker at Bovada and focus on winning some cash, not the events in the past. Your girlfriend/wife/whatever will get over it. Trying to recoup lost cash in your bankroll is a major uphill battle, making up with your girl is normally much easier. *Warning, the above doesn't apply in the event of affairs or going to the strip club with your pals.

Not to mention if your playing live poker with other players, your problems are written across your face like a book and it won't take long for the other players to see your preoccupied and exploit this.

Summary On How To Avoid Being A Tilt Go-Off Artist

Essentially, you need to find your Zen state when playing poker. Letting any other factor override your normally good decisions in a poker game is a big time no-no. If you just experienced something traumatic like losing someone in a relationship or worse, it's probably a good idea to NOT PLAY POKER. Sometimes it's best to just grieve the old fashioned way. Let time take care of those wounds not poker. While poker is a great hobby that can pay off big, there are times when it needs to take a back seat. You're a grown up, so make sure you act like one at the table AND away from the table. Your poker bankroll will thank you for it!