Real Grinders Love Foursomes

If you're not the loyal type and like tons of action, why not join a foursome? The Viagra is flowing, the girls are.. Wait! We're not talking about that kind of foursome; you can hit Google for that kind of action. What I meant to say was that a True Grinder isn't going to confine his game to a single poker table when playing at sites like Bovada. Seriously folks, the Internet has made our lives infinitely better in so many respects. I mean, what teenager in the world can live without IM and MySpace? Duh!

Fortunately it's made life better for Internet poker players (TG's) too as most online poker rooms now offer a multi-table option. Even better, some allow you to resize tables in a tile or cascade setting for maximum play. Even if you take away the "action junkie" angle, this is a very wise decision for any serious Grinder looking to maximize their hours spent playing poker by implementing a multi tabling strategy.

Tactical Considerations While Using A Multi Table Poker Strategy

The first investment you should make at this point, if you haven't already, is to purchase a solid stats/tracking program that can over your opponents stats on the table. There are many great choices out there but TG's like Poker Office because of its ease of use and integration with most of the major poker rooms. Knowledge is power and when it's right in front of your face that makes you one powerful mofo.

So now you've got the stats part covered, great. We've already discussed how to maximize the effectiveness of tracking software. So armed with this additional information how do you best proceed to destroy your opponents and take their money? The approach to multi-tabling is actually similar to playing just one table. If you're an aggressive player then it makes sense to play aggressively at multiple tables, the same goes if you're tight. Armed with the stats overlay, your reads should play a role here but when playing 4 or more tables that's a difficult task for anyone.

The final choice should be what type of monitor you use when playing four or more tables. My personal choice is a Samsung 22" wide screen monitor with four tables on each. I have two of these so that I can go up to 8 tables without having to downsize the images to the point of leaning over in my chair to see bet amounts, actions, etc. When you're grinding out 8 or more hours a day, this is a critical tactical consideration. I picked up my Samsung monitors at a local discount store for $229.00 each and they're great machines. No need to go crazy here and $500.00 total is a wise investment here.

Strategic Considerations While Multi Tabling

The changes to your game when multi-tabling shouldn't stray too far from your tactics when playing a live or single table online. The over riding factor here is that for the most part you should tighten your game up a bit. Reads are much less critical here because you really don't have time to make them. Play the board and your two cards and your bankroll will thank you for it. As you progress and mature as a multi-tabler you can work on some bluffs and well-timed semi-bluffs. For now though, stick to ABC poker and work on building your bankroll.