Grinder Checklist

Grinding (verb) - To play for extended periods of time at the poker table to "grind" out a profit. Typically refers to players who put in 8+ hours per day at multiple tables.

See also, Grinder (noun) - A person who earns a living playing poker for 8 or more hours a day.

So let's start with the Grinder checklist, let's see if you qualify as a true Grinder:

1. Do you fully understand the dynamics of poker bankroll management?

2. Can you currently make money playing online poker?

3. Do you play online poker for a living?

4. Can you lay claim to truly living the poker lifestyle?

5. Are you leveraging the latest/greatest poker tracking software (Poker Tools) to maximize your earnings?

Ok, so now you've answered these questions. Are you a TG (True Grinder)? Only if you answered yes to every one of the questions above!

No one wants to be a poser - certainly not in the poker world. So don't lay claim to the TG title unless you're prepared to back it up. If you didn't answer yes to every question above, no worries my friend because here at The Poker Grind you will find answers to all of those questions and more. If you're serious about grinding it out at poker to earn a living and drive the Ferrari, flash the Panerai, and drop cash like it's going out of style then you've landed at the right spot.

So join us today and get to work on earning that official TG title!