Limit Poker Strategy

If limit is your preferred poker game, then congratulations! You're either an old fart who thinks no-limit hold'em is too fast paced or you're too lazy to do the math and prefer nice little increments to your betting actions. Of course, I'm only joking here (a little) as for many of the games most successful players consider limit poker their best game. There are many benefits as well as challenges that this version of the game presents. In this article we will talk about the pros and cons of limit poker when building your poker bankroll.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

The likelihood of your poker bankroll growing 5X in one session isn't a reasonable expectation when playing limit. While limit lacks of the pop and sizzle of no-limit games, it's still the preferred game for many grinders. Why is that?

Just like having a full time job, it's easier for most players to predict their earnings (hours played x average win rate)

-Devastating swings are less likely in limit vs. no-limit

-Easier to multi-table because limit tends to be more of a "mechanical" game

The reasons listed above are probably the top three that most players would give for choosing limit poker over no-limit. This version of the game requires a great deal of discipline to master and even more patience as you grind out lower limits. The benefits however, are pretty significant if poker is your sole income due to level of control you have over swings. Not to say that you can't have big negative swings in limit poker but again, they tend to me more manageable than the no-limit variety.

2BB Hour Win Rate Sucks - I Can't Do This Anymore

Slow down Cowboy, there are solutions to this particular problem. Before you jump up in limits you should consider multi-tabling poker. We've written a solid piece on the art of playing more than one poker table at a time. There are many advantages to multi-tabling versus jumping up in limits, not the least of which is bankroll mitigation (in other words, keeping it safe!). Bovada is our recommended poker site for multi tabling.

Screw Multi Tabling - I've Got ADHD

If you're worried about distractions or just don't feel that your 1997 Radio Shack monochrome monitor can't handle the load of playing two or more poker tables then let's talk about moving up in limits. We have written a three part series of managing your bankroll and moving up in limits so read up there as well. Other things to consider when moving up include: your mental state, your fiscal shape, and just how big your True Grinder balls really are.

No Guts No Glory

I know that No Limit poker is the sexier, prettier sister of old Limit poker but long before the Texas Hold'em craze swept television and the Internet, the limit version was the standard. In fact, many pro players thought their No Limit brethren were nuts for playing the game back in the day because of it's ability to decimate a bankroll. However, even as No-Limit sits and basks in the limelight today, you should seriously consider the limit variant as the foundation for your True Grinder quest.